Our commitments go beyond just words
We are not willing to compromise our long-term vision for short-term gains. We have recognized and acted upon this in vital areas, including the finance industry, and we will relentlessly pursue improvement wherever possible.
Strong Governance
We have been a mission-led and B-Corp certified company since 2019, striving to combine ambition, care, and transparency in our investment strategies. Our mission drives everything we do: supporting projects that benefit individuals, society, and our planet.
Impact Monitoring
We don't just invest and step back. We work closely with our portfolio companies to create and implement strategies to make positive, impactful changes. We run regular audits, provide a roadmap for impact, and keep track of annual progress. We are really proud that today 22% of our portfolio companies have either an impact committee, are mission-led companies or are B-Corp certified.
Responsible Investment
We take investment decisions seriously and always consider environmental, social, and corporate governance issues. We are proud signatories of the UN’s Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI), and an active member of the International Climate Initiative. Our fund Eutopia Preferred FPCI has met the criteria outlined in the 8th article and is thus classified as an environmentally or socially responsible investment company.
Championing Equality
We are proud to say that half of our team and 36% of our portfolio companies are either female-led or have female founders in the original teams. We are committed to keeping it that way and have put our name to agreements to make sure we do.
We believe in making a positive impact beyond our investments. That’s why we have pledged to donate 1% of the capital gains generated by our fund to charitable causes.