Pioneering a new way of living

We back emerging brands with a purpose

Since our creation in 2015, we have backed more than 30 companies that redefine our ways of living: how we eat, sleep, socialize, learn and feel.

We are a group of like-minded trailblazers

We are a group of like-minded trailblazers who care about the world and crave a new way of living. Together with our founders, we share a common set of values that drive us in our daily lives: Ambition, Care and Transparency.

We aim to balance profit with purpose

We want to make a real difference by improving lives and encouraging change in everyone’s day-to-day. Together with our portfolio founders, we all are committed to create a sustainable way of living and of doing business for both people and the planet.

We uncover insights, news and family ties

We are delighted to share with you the latest news from our portfolio and our teams.